January 1, 2020

Follows the story of two misfits, Lucky and Meg, who are thrown together by chance in the middle of the Australian desert. They forge the unlikeliest of bonds in their quest to get a precious upright piano from one side of the country to the other.

Sachin Joab plays Dr Kashani, a competent modern day doctor who also juggles holistic healing. When his path crosses with eccentric characters Lucky and Meg they all strike up an unexpected friendship. Unbeknownst to the good doctor, Lucky and Meg's tr...

August 7, 2019

The Hunting tells the story of two high school teachers. They discover that students are sharing sexually explicit photos of their under-age friends and peers online. The startling revelation has consequences for all involved in a fast-changing online world where parents, teachers and youth are all trying to catch up. Set at a time when smart phones with camera-capability were newly introduced. 

Sachin Joab is Sandeep Dhaliwal. Husband, father, and bee...

July 9, 2019

Reef Break is a French-American crime drama television series. Based on a professional surfer and former associate of a crime syndicate. Now retired and returns to Reef Island to take up work as a fixer for the island's government.

Sachin Joab is Duka Kalama. A natural leader and intensely passionate about exposing global environmental problems, Duke develops solutions for a cleaner peaceful future. When accused of bombing a site set for commercial development Duke must c...

May 12, 2019

Hotel Mumbai is a 2018 biographical thriller, inspired by the 2009 documentary Surviving Mumbai. Based on the Mumbai attacks in 2008 at the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel in India. 

Sachin Joab plays high-status politician Vijay Goswami. Caught in the hostage crisis Vijay hopes his fellow political contacts who are viewing the terror crisis via the media will issue a rapid military rescue attempt.

Directed by Anthony Maras. Palm Springs...

April 16, 2019

Harrow is medical drama mystery. It tells the story of Dr. Daniel Harrow, a forensic pathologist with a total disregard for authority. He has an unfailing empathy for the dead which helps him solve even the most bizarre of cases. 

Sachin Joab is in the role of Robert Chaudhari. A savvy and wealthy businessman who is suspected of murder. While Robert is arranging an important multi million dollar event, Dr Harrow begins to investigate Robert at the event location. The threat to Robert's well-earne...

November 3, 2018

Pine Gap is an international political thriller which is set around the Australian and American joint defence intelligence facility at Pine Gap, south-west of the town of Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia.

Sachin Joab plays Communications Intelligence officer Simon Penny. A skilled linguist and spy based at Pine Gap. Penny is loyal to both his country and family, yet financial struggles push his loyalties to breaking point. 

Pine Gap is an Australian televi...

October 17, 2018

Jack Irish is a drama series based on a former criminal lawyer turned private investigator and debt collector.

Sachin Joab play Ajeet Agarwal, a loving husband and father. He has arrived in Australia with one sole purpose; to find the person or people responsible for the murder of his daughter. 

Adapted from the detective novels by author Peter Temple, Jack Irish was created by Andrew Anastasios, Matt Cameron and Andrew Knight. Screened on ABC in 2018.

August 9, 2018

Upgrade follows a man who is implanted with a chip that allows him to control his body after a mugging leaves him paralysed. 

Sachin Joab plays Dr Bhatia. A skilled autopsy technician who has seen it all; until now. 

Written and directed by Leigh Whannell. Produced by Jason Blum, Blumhouse Productions.

June 14, 2018

Romper Stomper is a six-part Australian television series released on video streaming service Stan. A sequel to the 1992 film of the same name starring Russell Crow. The series is set 25 years after the events in the film and follows a new generation of fictional far-right activists and their far-left, anti-fascist counterparts. 

Sachin Joab is Imam Sharif. A respected and trusted religious leader who feels compelled to converse with you...

August 9, 2017

Sachin Joab won Best Actor at the 2017 Los Angeles Diversity Film Festival (LADFF). Awarded to him for his role as Dr Edward in the film You Deserve Everything. Directed by Goran Stolevski, a Rouben Mamoulian Award Winner.

January 26, 2017

Lion is the true story of 5 year old Saroo, an Indian boy who gets lost on the streets of Calcutta. Far from home he survives many challenges before being adopted by a couple in Australia. 25 years later he sets out to find his lost family. 

Sachin Joab plays the role of Bharat, a close friend of Saroo's. Bharat encourages Saroo to find his long-lost family by utilising the newly created Google Earth. It is this single step that ultimately leads to Saroo finally finding his biological...

January 2, 2017

Dirty Clean & Inbetween is based on three childhood friends who would do anything for each other. They work together, live together, play hard, party hard, and all are looking to live the good life. 

Sachin Joab plays Randall Randallini, an intelligent, charismatic entrepreneur who classifies himself as a modern day 'Tony Manero' mixed in with a bit of 'Tony Montana'. He and his two buddies have negotiated a $10 million dollar deal. However, Randall's premature celebrations push their frie...

July 1, 2016

Disgraced is an American stage production set on the 10th year anniversary of New York's September 11 and centers on sociopolitical themes of American citizens.

Disgraced focuses on a dinner party between four people (2 couples). Each have different racial and religious backgrounds, yet culturally all are considered American; or are they? As friendly discussion turns to politics, religion, and topped off with alcohol, the mood quickly becomes intensely heated.

Sachin Joab plays the...

January 2, 2016

You Deserve Everything is a touching romance beween a distinguished doctor and his interpreter. As their relationship evolves, soul-searching questions are asked putting their love, cultural upbringings, and personal identites to the test.

Sachin Joab earned Best Actor at the Los Angeles Diversity Film Festival 2017 for his portrayal of Dr Edward, a notable physician who has previously experienced man of life's tribulations. He now feels that he has arrived at a point where he can finally...

November 6, 2015

Childhood's End is a sci-fi miniseries about a group of aliens that invade earth. Humanity finds itself in a utopia under indirect alien rule at the cost of human identity. 

Sachin Joab plays popular and courageous NBC reporter and journalist Tony Deetra. Having gained a reputation for undertaking dangerous assignments in war-torn regions of the world, Deetra prides himself on bringing important issues to the worlds attention.

Childhood's End is based on the novel of the sa...

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