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The Hunting

The Hunting tells the story of two high school teachers. They discover that students are sharing sexually explicit photos of their under-age friends and peers online. The startling revelation has consequences for all involved in a fast-changing online world where parents, teachers and youth are all trying to catch up. Set at a time when smart phones with camera-capability were newly introduced.

Sachin Joab is Sandeep Dhaliwal. Husband, father, and been living and working in Australia for over two decades. Like many parents Sandeep is wary of the influx of social media. He has the foresight in realising that just one momentary human error can cause irreversible consequences in cyberspace.

The four-part miniseries was created by Sophie Hyde and Matthew Cormack at Closer Productions. Co-directed by Ana Kokkinos. For SBS television and SBS OnDemand. Screened August 2019.

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