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Better Man

Better Man is a 4-part mini series based on true events in the life of Van Nguyen; a 25 year old Vietnamese-Australian who was put to death in Singapore in 2005 while attempting to traffic heroin from Cambodia to Australia.

Sachin Joab plays the role of Detective Ramesh; a skilful interrogator in Singapore’s Central Narcotics Bureau. He is experienced in hunting Triads (mafia within Asia). He interrogates Van Nguyen and discovers humanistic aspects about the youngster which he never assumed. This prompts Ramesh to doing whatever is in his power to assist Nguyen.

Better Man has an all-star cast including Bryan Brown, Claudia Karvan and David Wenham. Written by Stephen Corvini, directed by Khoa Do, and produced by Fremantle Media. Screened on SBS in 2013.

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