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Disgraced - Pulitzer Prize Winner

Disgraced is an American stage production set on the 10th year anniversary of New York's September 11 and centers on sociopolitical themes of American citizens.

Disgraced focuses on a dinner party between four people (2 couples). Each have different racial and religious backgrounds, yet culturally all are considered American; or are they? As friendly discussion turns to politics, religion, and topped off with alcohol, the mood quickly becomes intensely heated.

Sachin Joab plays the lead role of Amir Kapoor. A born and raised American and a successful mergers and acquisitions lawyer living in Manhattan. He lives with his caucasian artist wife Emily in their Upper East Side apartment.

Disgraced is written by Pulitzer Prize winner Ayad Akhtar and directed by Sarah Goodes. Staged in 2016.

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